Every well-traveled city has its popular attractions, known to visitors and locals alike. However, lesser-known destinations offer their own special appeal, and are often overlooked. Whether you’re an art-lover, a nature-buff or a casual traveler seeking something new, this list will have something for you.

Goat Cave Preserve

Austin is known for its great hiking trails. Goat Cave Preserve is one such place, offering beautiful caves to explore along with stunning scenery and wildlife.


Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ

Texas is well-known for southern cooking, and perhaps most of all for its barbeque. Valentina’s Tex Mex fuses Tex Mex and BBQ: the Lone Star State’s most famous dishes. The menu also features smoked carnitas and polo sandwiches.


Cosmic Coffee and Beer Garden

Local coffee culture is on full display at Cosmic Coffee and Beer Garden, offering high-quality service and calming ambiance. The shop is tucked away at 121 Pickle Road, just off of South Congress Avenue.

The Little Darlin’

On its surface, The Little Darlin’ appears similar to many other Texan pubs, but its retro look and feel will keep you coming back for more. Tables can accommodate up to six guests, making it the perfect spot to visit with your friends.

Sparky Park

Austin has a history of creating art from even the most ordinary materials and locations. Once an electrical substation created in 1930, Sparky Park now features exhibits of modern art crafted from karst stones, mirror balls, slag glass, painted stucco and more.


Where will you visit first, and why?